>My all-time favorite celebrity chef is Jamie Oliver. He’s from Essex, and is hilarious, unique, and adorable. He’s a brilliant and creative chef and restaurateur. I could go on… True, many of the meals he makes are full of foods I don’t eat. But generally, his dishes are healthy and organic.

I was very happy to learn that Jamie will be on a new ABC series that will teach both adults and children the basic skills for cooking healthful, economical meals at home. He will also work with local schools on eliminating junk food in vending machines and in cafeterias, replacing reheated processed foods with meals cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients. I especially loved (and winced at) this article from the UK’s Telegraph: Jamie Oliver signs US TV deal to make Americans give up hamburgers. Yes, the bulk of America isn’t as health conscious as some other parts of the world, but there are still some of us who do care about our health and well being. Ah, well. Thanks to Jamie for trying to help our fellow citizens become more health conscious.

PS If you haven’t ever seen his show, try to catch “Jamie at Home.” It’s the best.



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