>Hot High Lunges


Recently, I was reading a friend’s blog and decided to give hot yoga a try. I was apprehensive at first, but love it now. I still practice “normal,” not hot yoga, too. Recently my favorite pose has been a high lunge pose or Warrior I.

Though these poses look similar, in the high lunge pose your back foot is facing straightforward, with your toes toward the front of the mat. In Warrior I your back foot is turned out, with your back toes turning past the outside of your front foot. You’ll feel the differences in each pose, but I’ve found strength in my hips and legs, and enjoy the space created in my spine with the high lunge.

Try this pose for yourself! Be sure to keep your front ankle over your knee (to keep your knee safe), and always keep your back ankle pointed down and toward the back of your mat. It’s unbelievably important when practicing hot yoga to always remember to keep your joints in line and not to overextend you knees. Know your limits and get rid of your ego. Also, use a mirror to keep your hips in check: always turned forward and balanced.

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