>A Contract With Myself

>Have you ever had a habit that you just can’t seem to drop? Try writing a contract with yourself. You can title it just that. For example, let’s say you’d like to stop eating fast food for breakfast every day. First, set a realistic goal. If you’ve been going by your fave eatery and eating a sausage & gravy biscuit every day for the last 3 years, it may be tough to quit cold turkey (no animal puns intended). Lean into the change, and make your goal something you can actually reach. Then, try writing down a commitment to yourself, and involve a witness if you need to.


I, (your name here), am making a commitment to myself to stop eating sausage & gravy biscuits for breakfast every day. I will do this by (how will you do it?) replacing 4 fast food breakfasts a week with fruit, oatmeal, or whole grain cereal with low fat milk. I will do this (how often?) 4 days per week for 7 days, progressively phasing out fast food for breakfast completely. I am doing this so that (why are you doing this?) I will cut unneeded calories out of my diet, and start my day with a nourishing meal. I will reward myself by feeling good about myself and by making my own healthy version of a sausage & gravy buiscuit at home once per month.

Sign and date your contract and keep it close by in case temptations arise. If you’re leaning on a friend to help hold you accountable, ask if they will sign your contract, too.


1 Comment

  1. >i like this saying: before you cast out a bad habit, thank it for its teachings.so before you stop eating your biscuit and gravy, thank it for teaching your that eating crap in the morning makes you feel like crap.



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