>A Complaint Free World

>Several years ago, I heard of an organization that was promoting a complaint-free lifestyle. The concept is to wear a purple bracelet on your wrist as a reminder to keep your complaints to yourself, therefore preventing negative energy from spreading to others. I ordered a bracelet (for free on their site), and gave it a shot.

Honestly, I have no idea where the bracelet is now. I did, however, reach my goal of 14 days complaint-free. It was much tougher than I thought it would be, and I consider myself to be a generally positive person. I did learn to keep my negativity to myself, and grew from the experience. Really, what’s the good in complaining to someone and bringing that person down, when you can just change your mind and decide to look at the brighter side of life?

According to the Complaint-Free website, the organization envisions a day when people focus on and speak about what they desire things to be rather than complaining about how things are.

We all complain about things now and again, but try for yourself to hold your complaints for an entire day and see how you do. It’s not as easy as one may think. Focusing on positive things, rather than the negative, can absolutely make a difference in your life.

To learn more, visit the Complaint Free World website!




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