>Take a deep breath.

>One of my favorite yoga teachers at North Main Yoga said this past summer in class, “Choose to breathe deeply.” This simple statement has resonated with me every single day since he said it. If you really think about it, the breath is involuntary. Did you know that of all of the muscles in our body, the diaphragm is the only muscle that moves involuntarily throughout the day? The breath is a constant motion in our bodies that happens without our control. Without the breath, there would be no life.

People say all the time, “Just take a deep breath.” These people may intend to say, “chill out,” but in actuality when we are stressed, having a bad day, feeling angry, or even tired, taking a deep breath really does make a difference. When negative feelings arise, instead of lashing out or reacting poorly to the situation, focus on your breath. Face what you are feeling, let it go, and move on.



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