>Onion Enthusiast.

>I’ve already mentioned how much I love onions. Sometimes I go through phases with food when I just can’t get enough of that one seasonal vegetable… For instance, in the past two weeks I’ve eaten 2 entire onions by myself. Literally. I put them on everything: hummus wraps, in orzo, on veggie burgers, in soup, on homemade pizza… I could go on.

Tonight I made some quinoa with fresh garlic, a bit of olive oil, about a cup of white button and baby bella mushrooms, and of course about 1/2 cup of fresh, mouth-watering, crisp, delectable red onion. Yes, this may sound random. But sometimes the best meals are made of pretty random pairings. Plus, sometimes I just like to throw all of my faves into one dish when I’m cooking for just myself.

As a vegan, quinoa is one of my favorite non-legume sources of protein. Did you know that quinoa has the highest protein content of all grains? True story. If you’ve never tried quinoa, give it a shot. It’s not as scary as it’s spelled.

PS Did you know that there is a National Onion Association? As an “onion enthusiast” I was this close to joining their mailing list.



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