>Hungry for Change

>Yesterday I was in Chipotle picking up dinner, and noticed a flyer promoting “Food, Inc.” The flyer reminded me how powerful this movie is, and also offered a $2.00 off coupon for those wishing to purchase the film for themselves. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Despite what some may think, this movie is not downing (no pun intended) meat eaters, or the eating of meat at all really. The point of this film is to show people that the food industry has turned into a monstrous business that is more focused on how to make huge profits, rather than feed our nation wholesome, nutritious food.

There is also a book: Food, Inc., which I have not read, but can only assume is wonderful since a movie was made from it.

PS As a vegan, I have a select few “go-to” places to eat out. Chipotle is one of them. Healthy, delish, and affordable. Plus, you meat eaters out there can feel safe knowing that their meat is humanely raised without hormones or other mystery chemicals injected into them before they are served on your plate.


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