>Happy Holidays?

>The holidays can be a magical time of year, inspiring people to up their generosity, be kind to others (even if only for one day), great food and gatherings, and the joy of finally using coveted vacation days. For many people, though, the holidays can be stressful and actually do more harm to their Psyche than good.

During stressful or busy times, to refocus myself and my energy I turn to…

  • yoga
  • pranayama, aka the practice of deep breathing and focusing on the breath
  • the company of uplifting friends
  • meditation
  • a heart warming or insightful book + the most comfy seat in my home
  • cat naps (or dog naps if my golden snuggles with me)
  • 20 minutes of intense cardio (it’s the best for me when I’m frustrated and antsy)
  • herbal teas, particularly organic vanilla varieties
  • funny television or Food Network (My faves: Parks and Recreation, The Simpsons, Giada)
  • the comforting knowledge that all things shall pass, the good and the bad

What do you do when faced with negative obstacles or stress?



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