>For quite some time now I’ve been interested in trying Vega, a vegan, whole food nutritional supplement. Vega was formulated by a vegan professional Ironman athlete (Brendan Brazier), and according to the product’s website is “a synergistic collection of Brendan’s favorite plant-based superfoods.” Vega is packed with nutrients–too many to list here. Check out their website for full details on how many great things are packed into one serving!

I like to shop around before purchasing expensive nutritional supplements. Though the pricetag is much higher than my budget allows, I definitely believe you get what you pay for. I visited Garner’s on Sunday and decided to give Vega a trial run. I bought 3 individual packets in each of the flavors offered: the “original,” chocolate, and vanilla chai (my fave). The directions say to mix one whole packet with 8 oz of water. Most days I need more than just a liquid breakfast, however nutritional, so to bulk up my Vega superdrink I added some almond milk, too.

I loved the taste of all of the flavors, but vanilla chai is my favorite. The drink did give me an extra boost of energy, and kept me full until my mid-morning snack. All in all, it’s a great nutritional supplement that would work as a complete meal replacement or in place of a snack in between meals.



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