>The Dish

>Living in the South, naturally I’m not surrounded by many people who have a diet anywhere near similar to mine. My love for yoga, wellness, and forward thinking has helped me meet others in my town like me. Mainly, though, the majority of people I befriend have no idea what the term “vegan” is even in reference to. I enjoy talking with people who are different than me, especially those who have a true, non-judgemental interest in what I eat on a daily basis.

Thus, I am beginning a new entry theme called “The Dish.” The idea stemmed from a sarcastic (yet friendly) suggestion of a new acquaintance who asked me how I find different things to eat for 3 meals every day. Basically, rather than giving an “example menu” for one day’s meals, here you’ll find true examples. I’ll list what I eat in a day for my main 3 meals and/or snacks in between. Don’t worry, I’m not starting a daily online food journal, just the occasional daily menu for those who many be interested. I don’t have that kind of time, and frankly I’m not sure that’s the healthiest obsession. If you’d like to learn recipes, where I eat, why I eat what I do (etc), email me or post a comment! I enjoy making new connections.

The Dish

1 medium-sized Honeycrisp apple
2 tbs fresh almond butter
Tulsi Tea
8 oz of water

Mid-morning Snack:
A handful of almonds

Not-so-dirty rice (Recipe from Vegan Planet, containing green bell peppers, tomatoes, great spice blends, and a veggie burger for protein, among other things.)
Vegan Miso soup with tofu
16 oz of water

1 c organic vanilla granola and nut blend
Hot green tea (my fave brand, with a great website, by the way!)

Whole grain pasta with portobella basil sauce (Thank you, Newman’s Own! Quick, delish, organic, and nutritious.)
16 oz water

*I drank an additional 16 oz of water during and directly after my hot yoga practice, as well.



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