>Delish and Nutrish


Granola is a versatile food that is healthy, and great for when you’re on the go. You can pack some in a reusable container for a snack at work, or take a bag with you for energy when you are on a hike or camping. You could even eat it like cereal, with soy, almond, or other types of milk. As long as you don’t choose a super-processed brand, it has many health benefits, including fiber, healthy carbs, many different nutrients (especially when mixed with fruits and nuts), and is energy-boosting. If you’ve never tried granola before, and want to give it a shot, check the sugar levels and additives in the small writing at the bottom of the label. Unfortunately, many food manufacturers load their “healthy” products with sugar, chemicals, and other unhealthy additives to try to expand their market and make a quick buck. Just be sure to check the nutrition label before you buy it.

Recently I discovered a new kind of granola that I absolutely love. It’s perfect for snacking, or for a meal with soy or almond milk: Udi’s Natural Artisan Granola. I bought it on sale, but you can find it for about $5 per bag. Of all the granola I’ve tried, this brand takes the cake. Err.. the granola.



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