>Vegan Menu


  • Breakfast: 6 oz plain almond milk, 24 oz water, Vega (didn’t have time to make my usual oatmeal with nuts, so I had a delish and nutritious shake)
  • Snack: About 3/4 cup Plain Cheerios (I know, I felt like a kid eating Cheerios in my office out of a plastic snack bag, but they were really good.)
  • Lunch: Large portion of leftover veggie mix from Tuesday’s dinner (All oven roasted, with a touch of balsamic vingear: red potatoes, red onion, one tomato, eggplant, freshly ground black pepper.)
  • Green Tea (with added Ginseng) and Lemon
  • Dinner: Boca Burger on small serving of toasted vegan bread, 1/4 avocado, red onion; sweet potato fries
  • Sleepytime Tea (Haven’t had as of this post, but will before bedtime…)

Also, I had tons of water today. Lots of hot yoga = triple my daily water consumption.



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