One Moment in Your Life

My “little” brother is in the ARMY. The story of his life journey is a powerful one, and I couldn’t be prouder of how far he has come in his life.

Recently, his main focus has been on preparing for Selection for the United States Army Special Forces (Green Beret). He has worked so hard and so long to get to where he is today, and he is truly an inspiration to me every single day.

"You see what lies there, just ahead...immortality! Take it, it's yours!" - Achellis

He flies out tomorrow to begin his 15 day “interview” in North Carolina to become part of this elite group. I just watched a video that he told me about today. He said he didn’t want to watch it, and I didn’t either, until after a glass of wine and deep thinking. (Warning: may be graphic for some viewers)

I only watched the first of the 9 videos, but after watching it, I just sat and thought for a while about how strong my brother has been throughout his career in the ARMY, and how well he will handle this opportunity. He is so tough, and so mentally and physically ready to face whatever comes his way. It is truly inspiring, even in my day-to-day life in a clean, safe, office environment and “tough” workout routine. I do realize it’s all relative to each situation, but still, I can’t help but become encouraged to push harder in my own life, become tougher mentally, KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

So we are not all in the ARMY. Most of us live our day-to-day routines: waking up, some of us working out, eating our fresh foods for breakfast, going to the office, dealing with some form of stress that really isn’t that important in the first place, sometimes getting upset or angry about things that shouldn’t really be affecting our minds, blowing valuable time in this world. I was thinking of all of this after watching the video of what my brother is about to experience. And I had a profound thought: It’s one moment in your life.

ONE MOMENT. It will pass! Out of how many moments in our life (?), we have one bad one and it totally throws us off track, ruining our mood, destroying positive thoughts, spreading negativity, taking away an entire day’s worth of opportunity because we are distracted by one moment that brings us down.

This very thought pattern is how “Keep Moving Forward” was born in my mind, and I’m sure others around this world who have already embraced this simple thought. Move through the moment. Know that you will be okay, and that our lives are too precious to waste worrying about petty things and tiny mountains that we already have the strength to overcome. Life is sometimes really ******* hard, challenging, disappointing, discouraging, sad, frustrating. But if you can just focus on what lies ahead — the moments in life that are to come — the possibilities — the air that we breathe — the fact that life will go on… you will be okay. Look for the good in life. Believe in yourself. Set and exceed goals. Keep moving forward.



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