Goals: Set yourself up for success!

Stay on target with your goals!

Most of the time, it’s difficult for me to move through life without having clear goals and intentions in mind. Whether it be a remedial task around my home, making a grocery list to ensure I don’t roam aimlessly in Whole Foods and spend 1/4 of my paycheck, holding myself accountable for not eating too many vegan cookies in one week (hey–just because something’s vegan, it doesn’t mean it’s always good for you), or upholding a personal fitness goal.

So what is a goal? Goals really represent desire and hope. Goals help hold us accountable in life, and when it comes to fitness and nutrition, goals can be easily tracked and managed.

How should we set goals? Make sure your goals are realistic, attainable, and specific. If you’ve never been a strong runner, I’d venture to say that setting a goal to run a marathon a month from today isn’t such a great idea. But planning a proper cardiorespiratory program that leads up to long distance running may be attainable and appropriate for you!

Think about your intentions and ask yourself specific questions: Why are you making this goal? What do you hope to gain from it? How will this goal affect your daily patterns or others in your circle of influence? Can you truly commit to it?

When setting goals, WRITE THEM DOWN! When you write down your goals, you will be more apt to keep them, or even exceed them! I find it is helpful to write short-term goals for myself on my monthly calendar page in my day planner, or even less personal goals on sticky notes where I will see them every day.

Many years ago I listened to Tony Robbins every day when I worked out, and I always remember him talking about writing down goals, and also what you’ve accomplished over the years. Once he said to write down something (or more than one thing) positive that happened in your day. Do this every day, and periodically review your journal. When you start to feel negative, unhappy, and disconnected from life or your goals, you have a myriad of positive things that happen in your life every single day. Pretty brilliant idea, if you can find the discipline to journal each night before you go to bed.  (Side note: I also remember what a powerful gift this would be to leave for our children when we pass… years of positive memories…)

What are some goals you have set for yourself? Are you on track? What is holding you back? Do you know someone who can help you if you fall off the wagon? Have you been tracking your goals on paper or in a journal? 

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