Sometimes life can really take the wind out of me. If you’ve read my blog at all, you may have deducted that I generally have a sunny disposition. I like to wake up and try to “conquer the day” and make the best out of a bad scenario.

Pulling for a great day!

But then there are rough patches like the last 4 or 5 weeks that seem to be unending and that I find to be increasingly difficult in which to move forward each day. Recently I had an injury that has prevented  me from working out, doing yoga, even bending over or lifting things, for a full two weeks until I have 14 stitches taken out of my back. (Yuck, I know. I’m okay though. On the mend!) Sometimes, I have to remind myself to drop the story line and stop all the whining and self pity.

In the midst of this unexpected obstacle, some personal things have been going  on with me that aren’t so much fun, either. And when I get down, I like to sweat. Whether I work out, take my dog for a run, or do hours of hot yoga to ease my stress and feel strong, confident, and at ease, being active in any capacity helps me stay focused on the good things in life and increases my feel-good endorphines 10-fold.

Hiking: Great exercise, increases your happy.

I recently stopped drinking alcohol cold turkey on a whim for overall better health, and switched to sparkling lemon, lime, or mint infused mineral water (fancier-feeling when consumed from a large wine glass). Don’t get me wrong, I never drank excessively, and haven’t quit forever, but I feel SO much better with a clear head, no hangovers, no late-night munchies, and more hydrated days. But without the gym, my yoga mat, or time outdoors with the pup, wine was my other go-to avenue to relax. Or were these all just avenues to escape my feelings and distract myself, without really feeling those feelings?

So now what? Rather than wallow in my exaggerated feelings of “agony,” I’ve turned to self-help and encouraging books about the subjects I’m struggling with, prank videoson YouTube for laughs, counseling, companionship from happy friends and coworkers, and just time to relax and reflect. I’m starting to get antsy, but I also feel like I’ve had time to recover from all those 2-a-day workouts and yoga classes, and feel more focused at work. 8 more days until I’m back on my a-game physically, and who knows, maybe I’ll go nuts and have a glass of red this weekend. But for now, I’m going to take advantage of having to be still, face what I feel without running away from it, and snuggle time with my pup (who is currently snoring on her back next to me in bed).




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