Puppy Love

Recently I found a new friend for Callie, my 4-year-old golden retriever. Her name is Lily, a precious golden/lab mix from the local animal shelter. She’s 5 months old and already almost 30 pounds! Full of puppy energy, she brings new energy to Callie as they frolic in the yard or through the house, jumping onto furniture and bouncing off of walls like parkour. I find she has also brought me new energy and expanded my capacity to love!

While, as I’m often reminded by my non-dog-owning friends, they are”just dogs,” these pups are loving friends who are awake and ready for love and attention as soon as they hear my alarm

Lily, me, Callie

clock in the morning, hearing me ruffle my sheets as I start to stretch in the bed and jump up to see, “Is she up yet?” My favorite moments are at sunset, when they accompany me on walks in the cool summer evenings throughout our neighborhood, greeting the kids on the playground and attempting decent double-leash behavior. I’m grateful to have them in my life to bring a smile to my face again and again, to be reminded that sometimes in life you need to greet everyone with a smile, love unconditionally, take the time to stop and look and hear and smell everything around you, constantly search for new friends, and to be resilient without holding grudges. You know, though, it’s that unconditional love that gets me.

Now if I can only get Lily to stop eating Ben’s stray socks….


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