Long time no blog….

Sooo….. I forgot I had this blog, until I found it saved at the bottom of my “Favorites” list in my Chrome browser. Does anyone else have a hella-long list of random websites they’ve favorited, then subsequently forgotten about over time? It’s like a treasure chest when I actually take the time to scroll through. Hell, it lead me back to my long, lost blog.

Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve changed so much since I started writing in this space. It’s a little crazy, actually. As I read through my old posts, I was shocked at how much I have grown and how broad my views have become. The vibe of my last few posts don’t even read like something I would write.

Let’s get real!

In case you used to keep up with my blog (and if you don’t know me IRL), life for me has majorly shifted over the past year. Since last February, I have:

  • Started eating meat again
  • Sold a house
  • Bought a house
  • Moved to Charlotte
  • Gotten engaged, then married (in a 3 month time span)
  • Started CrossFit (of which my interest is waning)
  • Stopped teaching yoga
  • Started practicing more yoga, since I’ve stopped teaching
  • Gained weight
  • Worked to lose said weight gained
  • Become more comfortable in my own skin
  • Learned a lot about life, love, relationships
  • Become a more authentic ME

Probably like many Americans these days, I wake up and immediately start absorbing information from so many angles — radio, podcasts, blogs, social media sites. I am constantly absorbing CONTENT. Some relevant, some helpful to my personal growth, some that makes me laugh on long commutes, some just shitty information that doesn’t benefit me at all. While I love journaling, I’m not consistent. And I need an outlet for all of said content, so as not to dump random facts and thoughts onto my husband, friends, and coworkers.

So I’m coming back to my blog. We’ll see how consistent I am, but I’m not sure that anyone reads this anyway, except the occasional click or two. Hell, even I forgot it was here.

Here I am! On my wedding day. Sugar free Red Bull -- my second true love.

Me on my wedding day with sugar free Red Bull — my second true love.

Here’s to more blogging…. more honest, funny, random, lighthearted, less pretentious thoughts from little ol’ me.



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