Feeling Like the Best Cook in America

My husband has a knack for finding the most random, awesome shows. He recently discovered Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America“. I thought it would be really cheesy, but this show is so funny! We sometimes get hooked on certain Food TV shows; it inspires us to cook more creatively, for sure. But this show…. It makes me feel like I’m the most brilliant chef you’ve ever met.

Photo credit: FoodNetwork.com

Photo credit: FoodNetwork.com

One girl mistook a zucchini for a cucumber, when she grated it into her tzatziki. Another guy was making a grilled cheese sandwich, and actually put the cheese directly on the grill and “grilled” the cheese. It was hilarious.

I still don’t feel very confident when I cook meat. Being vegan during my formative cooking years in my early twenties, I’m creative with veggies and definitely comfortable with stuffing mushrooms, grilling peppers, yummy veggie combos, and knowing how to quickly cut avocados without drawing blood (most of the time, as long as I haven’t been drinking too much wine before busting out the knives).

The hubs went through a fancy process of searing steaks for us for dinner on Valentine’s Day, “letting the meat rest,” and seasoning it perfectly. I was impressed! So impressed, in fact, I bought 2 fillets at the store yesterday and asked him

The hubs' V-Day steak, perfectly seared.

The hubs’ V-Day steak,     perfectly seared.

to do it again for us tonight! (Naturally, mushrooms are a required part of the menu.)

I’m feeling inspired to become a better cook, particularly with fish and other meats. BUT! Seeing these amateur “chefs” display their lack of culinary know-how makes me feel like a kitchen ninja.



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