God is in the rain.

I love, love, love thunderstorms. I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago, and lucked out to wake up to an awesome, explosive thunderstorm. You know, the kind that shakes your whole house. It’s so soothing.

This morning, I woke up to thunder again, a little before 8:00. My first thought was less about how much I love thunderstorms, and more along the lines of, “Ugh, I have to take the dogs out in this.”

God is in the rain.

I ugly cry every time I watch this scene.

My golden, Callie, is obsessed with precipitation. She loves to frolic in the rain, but snow is her favorite. Anytime I take her out in the rain, she puts her face up to the sky and lets the raindrops hit her face, a la Evey Hammond in “V for Vendetta”.

It’s precious, but it can be hard to reign her back into the house (no pun intended). Then comes the act of her rubbing her ears all over the first rug she comes across, creating a disheveled look for herself.



My younger pup, Lily, transforms into a statue in the rain. She’s not impressed with any type of weather, if it’s not all sunshine and breezy. Rather than frolic, her feet become planted into the grass, and no amount of coaxing her to move will work.

So that’s a lot of fun for the one holding the leashes — one dog who won’t come in out of the rain, another who won’t do her business because of it. Preparing for this situation is paramount: umbrellas, rain boots, patience, all on the ready in the cubbies by the back door.

As for me, I work from home the majority of the week. On these rainy, stormy days, it takes a lot of self control (and caffeine) to focus on my agenda for the workday. I’d much rather be curled up on the comfy spot of the couch….. meh, probably my still-warm bed, with a juicy book or House of Cards. Maybe later…. definitely later!



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