A little slice of home

Pretty view of CLT's skyline.

One thing I loved about growing up and living in Greenville (SC) was the proximity of my house to mountains, trails, and parks. I really lucked out with the location of the first house I bought. I unknowingly picked the perfect location, in the middle of where I wanted to be: 5 minutes from downtown, right by the zoo and my near my fave parks, 2 Publix locations within 5 minutes, and decent restaurants closeby.

(I’m not emotionally ready to talk about the fact that literally months after we moved from Greenville, there is now a Chipotle and brand new QT 1/2 mile from my old doorstep. I’m also still in withdrawal from green curry withdrawals from my local Thai spot. Sigh.)

Sorry, back to my point…. So today was kind of a rough day. I was slammed with work, and by about 3:30 I felt like I was taking crazy pills. I took a hot yoga class at 12:00 for my sanity, but still had a lot of pent up energy to burn. I laced up my running shoes and headed to Midtown. I also needed to buy some flowers for a couple of people, and Midtown Trader Joe’s always has the best selection.

Pink, orange, purple.... not so sure. Pink ones are presh. Want these for myself!

Pink, orange, purple…. not so sure. I love the little pink daisies so much I want to keep them for myself!

(I got all of these blooms for $12!) Additionally, I realized I may not be the best florist…  Oh, well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

I parked in the garage at TJ’s, started up my Garmin, and decided to check out that mysterious running path, the likes of which I’ve never understood. It’s weird seeing the path from the highway or bridges… you can’t really tell how far it stretches, or how beautiful it is! It made me so homesick for Greenville, and our beautiful Falls Park.

Beautiful day for a run!

Varying flat and hilly spots. Great for interval running. I guess that’s what I did when I stopped to snap the scenery…?

This was a very pleasant surprise, and awesome ending to my day. I didn’t set any records with my run, but it was a great stress reliever, and an awesome find for future runs/bikes/dog walks.  There were only a few sketchy passers-by and random men sitting on benches. Good thing I wore my one-size-too-big sweats that are also too short and don’t do me any favors.

If I'd had a penny, I would have made a wish. ("...This one's my wish.... I'm taking them back, I'm taking them all back!"

“Oh yeah? Well this one’s my wish, my dream. I’m taking them back, I’m taking them all back!”
…..I can quote this if it’s not an actual well, right?

This is a great little area, near some decent restaurants that are perfect for those elusive run and brunch dates that I never actually set with people. Maybe next week…?

Today was finished with this awesome stuff pepper I made (TJ’s fresh chicken sausage, spinach, mushrooms, and avocado on the side). This would have only been better with more mushrooms and an assload of Mexican cheese. It’s not always easy to have this much self control………

Yummy and paleo-friendly.

Yummy and paleo-friendly.

I’ve been craving this all day, and it was super easy to prep, stuff, and let cook in the oven while I showered off the day and re-hydrated after my Midtown shenanigans. It would have been preferable to re-hydrate with a glass of wine, but I’m not drinking this week. So there’s that.

Sleepy time for me now, to prepare for the 5:00 AM commute….. I’m behind on the Nerdist, so I’m actually really looking forward to hitting the road and catching up.

Happy Monday!


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