Recent Eats

I used to blog a lot about my diet. Once a vegan, always a foodie. I used to be more of a “junk”foodie when I was a kid. In middle school, my favorite snack was hot Cheetos and loads of Mellow Yellow. I was a super skinny kid, up until around 9th grade, when I learned that I couldn’t survive on soda, pizza, and processed sugar. I had new hips and curves, and a moon face, seemingly out of nowhere. It didn’t help that I lived with my (precious) grandparents at the time, and had tons of junk food and southern cooking at the ready.

Once I learned how to eat a balanced meal, I started to drop some weight, and eventually became a vegan (my first year in college). Nowadays, I fluctuate between paleo eating, vegetarian meals, and just as clean of a diet as I can manage. Long gone are the days where I obsess over my food, and my diet is certainly not perfect. Now I try to eat as healthy as I can, listen to my body, and not make things too complicated.

Here are some of my recent eats:

Ninja Singles Cup

Lily is envious of my PB smoothie.

I started my day with a smoothie today. With warm weather just around the corner, I’ve been craving smoothies galore. The past couple of months, I’ve been drinking a lot of green smoothies, but today I wanted a savory blend. I went with a scoop of chocolate protein powder, half a frozen banana, almond milk, and PB 2 (an awesome peanut butter powder, with less calories and fat than PB, but made from real PB). I threw it all in my Ninja singles cup for an easy, healthy, and yummy breakfast.

Only every now and again...

Only every now and again for me…

Ben has a better metabolism than me, so he can enjoy a heartier breakfast, like waffles and pancakes, more often than I can. During snowpacalypse, I made us both some whole grain/non-dairy pancakes. Chocolate chip for him, strawberry for me. I always buy high quality syrup, not the Aunt Jemima microwave kind. A few years ago I bought Ben a bottle of sugar free syrup. You know, to be healthy. He laughed so hard and we could not figure out how it made sense that this existed, or why I thought it was a good idea to buy it. Now we always buy the good stuff.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

After my hike/escape of death yesterday morning, I was bitten by the spring cleaning bug (not a zombie) and totally cleaned our garage. It was looking a bit like we are hoarders. Much better now. I rewarded myself with a snack of 1/2 an apple, the best cheese in the world (blueberry goat cheese from Trader Joe’s), and some less-guilt sea salt pita chips (also from Trader Joe’s). It was the perfect little snack blend of salty and sweet. I commend myself for not eating the entire roll of goat cheese.

Fancy pants

Fancy pants

We like to make fancy dinners on the cheap around our house. Friday nights are fun for us to try new things and make a nice sit-down dinner. Last week (and the week before), Ben seared some lean filets that I got a great deal on at the store. Because I’m obsessed with mushrooms, I requested that they were our fancy pants topper. I used my awesome little indoor grill (part of my griddle/grill/sandwich maker from Santa at Christmas — see pancake pic for a visual) to grill sliced sweet potatoes with cayenne, cumin, garlic, and other savory seasonings. Writing this makes me want to eat this again this week!

So there you have it. A few of my eats from the last week. Aaaaand now I’m hungry.



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