A fantastic mid-week surprise. (Breaking Bad Spoilers!)

Source of this awesome poster and more: http://posterology.tumblr.com/tagged/Breaking-Bad/chrono

If you haven’t gathered this about me yet, I am a lover of a solid TV series. I love getting wrapped up in witty, brilliant, painful, meaningful writing, whether it’s a good book, TV series, or film. I won’t watch just anything, but if I find something that I love, I fully commit. Thank you, Netflix and on demand options!

BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER: If you want to watch or are in the middle of watching Breaking Bad, there are spoilers in this post. Please don’t get pissed at me for ruining the plot. I warned you!

I finally watched “Breaking Bad” over the last 6 months. It’s probably one of the most well-written and perfectly-put-together series I’ve ever seen. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have amazing chemistry (the supporting cast is great, too, obviously). It’s definitely one of my favorite series that I’ve watched.

On a side note, I am also now completely in love with Aaron Paul and wish he’d met me at Coachella, instead of his adorable wifey. I guess it all worked out for the best for both of us in the end, though I would have loved to have him track down an obscure singer from NY to sing my favorite love song at our romantic wedding that he planned (love you, Ben!). I’m just saying. Who does that? He’s the man, and this is also an awesome article about him that fellow Aaron Paul fans will eat up: http://www.details.com/celebrities-entertainment/cover-stars/201402/breaking-bads-aaron-paul-interview-exodus-need-for-speed

Anyway, we finished the series with an almost-8-episode binge 2 weeks ago during snowpacalypse….or so we thought. Turns out, we watched the last episode of the first HALF of the last season. So what we thought was the last episode (minor spoiler) of Hank looking for reading material on the john turned out to NOT be the ending. AHHH! Last night I was struggling to fall asleep, and at 10:30 gave in and grabbed my phone to surf the net (do people still say that?). I had gotten an email from Netflix saying the “final episodes” are now available. WTF?!

I love this so much..... This and more unbelievable art can be found here: http://posterology.tumblr.com/tagged/Breaking-Bad/chrono

I love this so much….. This and more unbelievable art can be found here: http://posterology.tumblr.com/tagged/Breaking-Bad/chrono

I was pretty pissed when the show ended, because it ended like Dexter. It just felt incomplete and left so many unanswered questions. But I justified that it ended with that episode……. Cancer in remission after a year, marriage in a decent state, money in the bank/storage center, my precious lover Jesse financially secure and out of the biz. I can see how you’d want to end the series like that, but did wish for more closure. Welp, at least that worked out for me.

After I saw “the last episode”, I started reading blogs, articles, and all kinds of things about the show that I’d avoided until we finished the series. I have no earthly idea how I didn’t read a spoiler for the last half of the season. But I did find this awesome website, with AMAZING art that this designer created, after he binge watched and fell in love with the show. If you’re a BB fan, you’ll love this. Check it out, yo! http://posterology.tumblr.com/tagged/Breaking-Bad/chrono.



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