Happy birthday, Callie!

Puppy Callie the week we got her. She's always loved sticks!

Today is my sweet Golden Retriever’s 6th birthday! I am helping her celebrate with extra belly rubs and attention, special treats, and I just gave her a few bites of lean steak and let her eat it off of the plate! Right now she is napping on my feet under my desk.

Fluffy happy girl

Fluffy happy girl

Callie has been such a loyal friend over the years. I was never a huge dog person growing up, until meeting my brother-in-law’s golden almost 10 years ago. Goldens are the BEST! So wise, loving, smart, friendly, and gentle. And she literally smiles every time she wakes up! Definitely my fave breed. We found Callie on a farm near Greenville in 2008, through a classified ad. A family’s 2 golden pets had puppies, and we totally lucked out in finding her. (Our other pup is from a shelter — half golden/half lab.)

Lisa is no longer with us, but she and Cal were great friends. Callie is a lot like her.

Young Cal with my brother-in-law’s dog, Lisa. Lisa is no longer with us, but these two were great friends. Callie is a lot like her, especially as she ages.

Sure, Goldens shed so much that our dark hardwoods have golden “tumbleweeds” rolling across the floor. Yep, she will stop listening and chase stray cats and squirrels and make me run in my heels. Okay, so I have a lint roller in every purse, car, and by both doors. Yes, she occasionally does something “bad”. But it’s a rarity! And she’s totally worth the investment in lint rollers, vaccums, and energy spent dust mopping.

We've been on a lot of adventures together!

We’ve been on a lot of adventures together!

She is an amazing dog, and such a great source of comfort and companionship. I don’t have any golden Tervis tumblers or stickers of my dogs on the back of my car, but man, I love my dogs. I never thought I could become so attached to pets! An unexpected source of joy in my everyday life, for sure. I do look forward to having kids, but there’s no love like the unconditional, never wavering, always-happy-to-see-you-love from your dogs.

Stop it. She was such a cute little fluff ball!

Stop it. Just. Stop it.

I love my girl. Here’s to 6 more years!



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