“I am the one who knocks.”

Dear artist who made this: You're awesome.

First of all, here’s my spoiler alert! If you are watching Breaking Bad or plan to in the future, don’t read this post. 

Second, did you hear about the guy who was wearing a Pollos Hermanos shirt when he was busted for (allegedly) running a (second) meth lab out of his house? HERE is a campy overview of the story from one of my top grown-up news sources, if you haven’t read about it yet.

Funny fan art.....

Funny fan art…..

So if you read my post a couple of days ago about Breaking Bad surprising me on Netflix, you’d be correct to assume that the last 2 days’ late-night agendas consisted of watching all 8 of the final episodes. We stayed up until 1:45 AM watching the last of it yesterday. My eyes were puffy at 7:30 this morning when I rolled out of bed. A little from lack of sleep, but mostly from the emotional trauma of finishing the season.

So true, Walt.

So true, Walt.

How on god’s green earth did I read so many things 2 weeks ago about “the finale” and not realize that we’d missed these last episodes? No mentions of Stevia packets, Hank in the desert, New Hampshire, Jesse in captivity? I’ll tell you one thing, I’d much rather the series end when we thought it did — all sunshine and roses with Hank reading a little Walt Whitman. In reality, it was an amazing ending to the show. Thought provoking and the perfect, most painful way to wrap up the story line….and break my heart a little.

Hands down, one of the best television series ever. I’ll end with this: seeing Jesse speed off into the night was the perfect way to bait me into craving “Need for Speed“. I need more Aaron Paul in my life.

Also this:




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