Some things I love

Snapping a solid picture
Singing along to musicals in my car
Smelling the ocean for the first time out my window, after a long drive to the shore
Reading in bed
My tea kettle
Waking up slow on Sundays
Puppy snuggles
Taking stairs two at a time
The smell of carbon paper
Thick socks in the wintertime
Randomly seeing an old friend
Big, long hugs
Laughing until I cry
Having sharp hearing
Green curry
Painting my nails
Deep forward folds when my legs are super tight
Trident white
Coconut oil
Really honest conversations
Minty floss
Chris Hardwick
Clean countertops
Hearing a song I love so much that I could lay down and melt into the floor
Lemon kitchen soap
Being around people who get me
Spotting a really great mullet in its natural habitat
Mint + chocolate
Lightly burnt popcorn


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