Day trip to Nashville

Some of Nashville's beautiful buildings downtown.

Well hello there, reader!

I’ve been trying to unplug since my trip a couple of weekends ago. In fact, I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account 3 weeks ago. The shakes have passed, and I think I’ve kicked my let-me-check-for-updates-in-my-feeds addiction. It’s a real problem. Paired with my love for the internet in general, social media was starting to consume way too much of my time. I decided to shift focus elsewhere, and have really enjoyed not “having to check” my phone every 5 minutes. Or seconds.

Anyhoo, my trip was great! Got to see one of my favorite people in the world (my brother!), and enjoyed a day trip to Nashville, since I was going to drive through on the highway anyway. I’d never been there, but had such a great time. My friends tell me I’m a little odd in that I LOVE to travel by myself. Sure, it’s always special to travel with my husband, friends, or family, but I enjoy experiencing a new city in my own way and at my own pace.

View of Nashville's downtown, from the grassy bank by the river.

View of Nashville’s downtown, from the grassy bank by the river.

Nashville is a beautiful town, and I picked a great day to spend there. The weather was a little chilly, but sunny and bright. I walked a good 4 or 5 miles, up and down the hilly downtown streets, just enjoying being outdoors and seeing different shops, restaurants, and the waterfront of course.

Charming bridges and sculpture....oooor a broken piece of roller coaster. I couldn't tell.

Charming bridges and sculpture….oooor a broken piece of roller coaster. I couldn’t tell.

Had I known how much I would have ended up walking, I wouldn’t have worn a maxi dress and boots. The bridge in the forefront of the picture above even had a lane for pedestrians, which I would have totally run and turned into a fun run through Nashville! Alas, it all worked out just fine. It always does.

Some of Johnny Cash's equipment from "the early days". Very cool to see its wear and tear in person.

Some of Johnny Cash’s equipment from “the early days”. Very cool to see its wear and tear in person.

Fun fact about me: I love Johnny Cash. I think I got it from my grandfather, but I’m not sure. I’m not much of a country music gal, but I don’t classify Johnny Cash as “country”, per se. I digress. When I spotted the Johnny Cash museum, I obviously had to go there. It wasn’t very big, but it was a quality stop. They were celebrating Johnny’s birthday that weekend, so it was packed! In the middle of a Friday, no less.

Giant wall of accolades....

Giant wall of accolades….

Seeing pieces of Johnny’s career and life in person was great. Of course all of his awards (Grammys, an Oscar, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, etc.) were there. Many of his stage costumes/suits were on display, alongside some of June’s dresses from the 60’s and 70’s. I loved seeing those.

Who'da thunk?

Who’da thunk?

I learned a lot about the Man in Black, including how many films and TV shows he was in. I’m a dedicated Simpsons fan, and didn’t know that Johnny voiced the fox who was Homer’s spirit guide. I also got teary when reading the poem he wrote for June, which he read at her funeral. And there was a sad little corner dedicated to “Hurt”, and the Grammy he won for it. Seriously, it was a sad, dark corner. There was another girl around my age standing there near me just watching the video in stillness and letting it sink in…… it was actually very moving and reaffirmed my love for Johnny Cash, his voice, and his music.

Merchant's was established in 1892.

Merchant’s was established in 1892.

After the museum and my jaunt around town, I needed to refuel. The clerk at the museum was a young girl that I had a feeling would give me a good lunch recommendation. Indeed, she did. I walked a few blocks to Merchant’s for an accidentally-super-late lunch. I really wanted to sit inside — the atmosphere was charming, quaint, and busy! There was a wait since the late-lunch crowd was finishing up. I was hungry, so I opted for a table outside under the heat lamp. I ended up being happy to be able to sit outside and watch passersby and a guy in a snappy vest with no undershirt play his guitar for money across the street. I plugged in to Spotify and listened to (what else?) Johnny Cash while I enjoyed a local brew, a few bites of the complimentary popcorn appetizer (cute!), and a delish grilled salmon salad.



The waiter was super cool (dare I say, a bit of a hipster), and recommended this cocktail to me. I detest gin (except in OJ, while listening to Snoop), but their resident mixologist created this award-winning drink. My suspenders-with-jeans-clad waiter told me it was featured in magazines, too. He also assured me that I wouldn’t taste the gin. It had juniper green gin, crème de violette, lemon, simple syrup. It wasn’t too sweet and I couldn’t taste the gin. Winning! It was so good…. I could end every day with one of those.

Happy days.

Happy days.

After loads of hilly walking, then lunch + 2 cocktails, I was ready for a nap. Instead, I ventured back down to the water and laid in the grass with my earbuds in. It was such a relaxing end to my day trip, and I had to be careful to not fall asleep in the sunny weather. One downside to travelling alone, I suppose. Lack of napping in public for fear of mugging and/or death.

Next time I do Nashville, I will remember my running gear. Overall, it was a great day. Maybe next time I will run into some celebs or see a great show. Or maybe buy some cowboy boots……


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