Oh yeah, I’m running a 10k in less than a month…….

A pretty pic I took of the bridge from a boat during our vacay last fall.

Last fall, my husband and I visited Charleston, and I decided to run across the big, beautiful Arthur Ravenel Bridge. From end to end, it is about 5 miles. I am not a consistent runner; I go through spurts where I can’t get enough of it. Then I go through the “only-running-when-chased” mentality. Last fall, I was really into it. So I decided to sign up for the 10k that takes place on said bridge every year in April. I figured I had 6 months to train and would be good to go.

Pausing for photo ops will not excel my training.......

Pausing for photo ops will not excel my training…….

Well, April is upon us, and so is my run. I haven’t mentioned this to date on my blog because I think I’m in denial. I realized I was in denial on Saturday when my race packet arrived, and I let it sit in the FedEx package on the counter for a day before I opened it. Oh, me.

I’ve been training on and off, but have been really inconsistent and all over the place with my exercise routine as of late. I bounce between CrossFit, my own workouts in the gym, horizontal running on the couch (lots of that during Dec-Jan), running and hiking with the dogs, the occasional at-home workout, and a fairly consistent hot yoga practice.

I have a nice Garmin watch that helps me track my runs, hikes, and leisurely strolls with my dogs. I was scrolling through my run history yesterday and got knots in my stomach when I realized that I am just not ready for this run.

It’s my own fault for not training like I should have, so I shouldn’t complain.  I’m running with a sweet friend of mine, and we are at the same training level and pace per mile, so we plan to do our best and run/walk it if we need to. I’m not worried about being competative (obviously), and she’s not either. It’s just a really cool run and fun atmosphere, from what I’ve been told. All I can say is that I was so slow running up the hill of the bridge on my own, but lightning fast going down the other side! Thank you, gravity.

Not encouraging.

Not encouraging. But appropriate.

Okay, so I’m facing the music and making it public knowledge that this is actually happening. I also linked up my Garmin with my friend’s to motivate me even more…… now she can see my progress, or lack there of, and it makes me want to run longer and harder.

Oh, did I mention I’ve never run more than 4 miles in my life? My shins are hurting just thinking about this…… BUT! I’m excited. It will be fun, and definitely an experience to remember. Plus, there is free beer and awesome Charleston food after the race. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.



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