Four Mile Creek Greenway

Perfect weather on a beautiful running path.

I love the weekend so much! I don’t live for the weekend, by any means. But on these rare weekends where I have nothing planned, it’s beautiful to have 2 days wide open, to do whatever I feel like doing. This plan-free weekend has also coincided with not only beautiful Spring weather, but also my husband being out of town. This has given me even more leeway to do girly things, like lounge around the house in an avocado face mask and Ben’s XL sweatpants while I paint my nails and deep condition my hair. (Let’s be honest, I do that when he’s home sometimes, too. But being alone, all shame is gone.)

I started the day by sleeping a solid 10 hours, until 9:00 AM. This is super late for me, having been an early riser my entire life. The dogs and I took it easy this morning…..slow to get up, slow to eat a light breakfast with HLN weekend and iced green tea. It was wonderful.

Around 11:00, I headed out for my long run of the week. Today I tried a new-to-me path in Charlotte, Four Mile Creek Greenway. Oh my gosh. It is seriously amazing. If you live in Charlotte, and haven’t been to Four Mile Creek, please reserve a couple of hours and venture over there. It’s a quick hop onto 485, and you’re there before you know it.

It’s 64 degrees out right now, so the Greenway was packed, which I expected. I scored princess parking, right by the entrance to the Greenway, fired up my Garmin, and I was off. The path is wide, so even though it was busy it didn’t feel crowded. I got 4 miles in today, which is actually the longest run I’ve done since I signed up for this run (shameful). I would have kept going, but the tread on my shoes is almost non-existent, and my feet were killing me at the 3 mile marker. New shoes should arrive on my doorstep early this week….Woo hoo! They will feel like this……


The Greenway was so beautiful, and I had a great playlist to keep me motivated. The path is really, really nice. Manmade wooden paths snake along the creek and marshes. It doesn’t feel like you’re right by 485 and Rea Road….until the one bridge that takes you right under the highway. Lots of flat running path, and only a few small hills — nothing too steep. It’s well maintained and really, really pretty. No kidding — this is my new favorite path. Can’t wait to go back!

I finished 4 miles in 49 minutes. It was a pretty slow pace, but I still have a few weeks to get faster and improve my time. Hey — at least I finished 4 miles! …even if I did have to walk a little bit, and only had a couple of moments when I thought I was going to pass out and fall face first off of the path and into the marsh.  I only took the one picture (featured above), since I was serious about trying to get a decent time. Next time, I’ll take the dogs and snap a few shots to share. I’ll bet it’s gorgeous at sunrise and sunset.

After I collapsed onto the grass for a while and convinced myself I wasn’t going to throw up or die (or both) I treated myself to froyo as post workout/early lunch. It was just what I needed (or wanted) in that moment, and was enjoyed at a slow pace by the pretty fountain at Phillips Place.

Coconut is back! Swirled with hazelnut choc and fresh strawberries/shredded coconut... So. Effing. Good.

Coconut is back! Swirled with hazelnut choc and fresh strawberries/shredded coconut… So. Effing. Good.

In addition to my weekly serving of froyo, I am obsessed with music, which naturally means I’m obsessed with making “the perfect playlist.” It can be a labor of love, and can take serious time to make (any fellow yoga teachers feeling me?). Here is a snapshot of some of the songs that kept me trucking this morning:


Alright — off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday afternoon. I have 2 magazines and half a book to finish today, and I RedBoxed “About Time” and “Don Jon” for tonight/tomorrow. They’ve been on my “to watch when I have the house to myself” list for a while now. Not sure how “About Time” will be (assumedly very chick-flickish), but I already know I will love and likely want to purchase “Don Jon.” JGL, I love you for so many reasons.




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