Lovely Rainy Sunday

Even in the rain, lovely signs of Spring..... (Don't worry, I'm not a distracted driver. I took this at a stoplight.)

Hello there! What a great weekend I’ve had….. I feel rejuvenated after such a busy week, and ready to start again tomorrow. Still, just one more day off would be so wonderful. What ever happened to discussions about 8 day weeks, giving us 3 day weekends? Or did we make that up when we were kids? Or was that just me? Despite the fact that this will never happen, I still think it’s brilliant.

Hey! I have some movie reviews for you: “About Time” was much less chick-flicky than I thought it would be. I loved it immediately in the opening scene, when an old Ben Folds song started playing and gave me chills (“The Luckiest” — it’s so beautiful, and I forgot how much I have always loved this song! It immediately went onto my “Spring” Spotify playlist.). This one turned out to be my favorite of the two movies I rented yesterday, in comparison to “Don Jon”….I think it just fit my mood this weekend. “About Time” was well-written, and really surprised me. As expected, “Don Jon” was filthy, smart, funny, and had an astounding cast. I loved it. Five stars for both.

It’s been a lovely rainy Sunday in Charlotte. I woke up really early and did a few things around the house, then took the dogs for a doggy spa day. I scheduled the grooming appointment last week, not knowing it would be raining for 3 straight days. They both really needed it, despite the weather today.

Lily has a serious face because I said "treat" to get them to look at the camera.

Lily has a serious face because I said “treat” to get her to look at me.

Guess I will be taking them out one at a time with an umbrella to ensure they continue to smell this nice….. such hard lives they lead. They smell so fresh and clean, and are really fluffy and cuddly. Callie even has a pretty little bow behind one ear. Love it!

Fabulous, dahling.

Fabulous, dahling.

As with pretty much every Sunday morning in my life, I enjoyed a yummy hot yoga class with my fave teacher while the girls were at the doggie spa. My hamstrings and hips were really tight after the run yesterday, so my practice felt especially nice. There were 82 people in class, and it was pouring down rain for the whole hour. Translation: rain + packed room = high humidity and me sweating buckets. It was great — very detoxifying and peaceful. I love yoga on rainy days. I stayed for meditation, too, and felt like I’d just had a massage after I rolled up my mat…..soooo relaxing.

Welp, off to make some hot tea and enjoy the last of my Sunday. Wherever you are, whoever you are, I hope your weekend has been as relaxing as mine!



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