Love, love, loved my Thursday night sunset run.

Happy Friday! After a long and fun week away from home, it’s good to be back to my own bed. I haven’t been sleeping great for about a week, which has been making me feel anxious and rightfully exhausted. I’ve been running on fumes from my green tea fuel, and almost decided to start drinking coffee again yesterday after I almost fell asleep in a lunch meeting. Über professional.

Last night I got an amazing 10 hours of sleep, and woke up feeling like Sleeping Beauty, like I’d slept for 100 years…minus the whole Prince kissing me to wake me from my slumber thing. My dog, Lily, jumped up on the side of the bed and licked my arm when my alarm went off. Does that count?


Anyway, my action-packed week was also peppered with a couple of great workouts, despite my lack of slumber. Notably, I did a fun cardio workout at the gym with a friend at her gym on Tuesday, and looped around 485 to Four Mile Creek Greenway last night before getting home. I was so tired last night, and would have been content to go straight to bed after work, but really felt so much better after convincing myself to do a 3 mile run. I’ll also be grateful for the additional training when the 10k rolls around NEXT SATURDAY!

Tonight I’ve made a date with Bikram (likely followed by froyo). I’ve really missed my precious 26 poses (and I’ve missed teaching them!), and actually look forward to the almost-oppressive heat and very long holds. Extremely different from my regular flow practice, but my body is craving it. Plus, I always sleep like a baby after Bikram.

Hope your Friday is wonderful and that you’re feeling as rested as I am. Almost to the weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



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