Links I’m Loving

Well hello there! I hope you are enjoying this lovely Wednesday! I really don’t feel like a castaway when I lose access to the Internet (this is mostly true), but I’ve seen this a few times on the web and chuckled every time.

Here are a collection of things I’ve been loving online lately:

This amazing slam poetry tribute to “Boy Meets World” by Samuel L. Jackson. 

This awesome/terrifying website that totals all of the television shows you’ve ever watched, showing you exactly how much time you’ve spent sitting on the couch, taking them all in. Eye opening!

This fantastic infographic about running from the Greatist (another great site). 

This great list of 10 True Things.

These inspiring ads for makeup that promote acceptance for people who are different just because of their skin.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop journal re: her divorce. People give her such a hard time, but I appreciate her honesty and openness, even if it makes her seem snobby, weird, or “holier than thou.” I think she’s great (and I really love her cookbooks).

This beautiful and amazing list from the always-inspirational Danielle Laporte…because “One idea at the right time could change everything.”



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