A few things I’ve been loving lately…

I loved this moment in Charleston last weekend... captured by my sweet friendy Laura.

Iced green tea. I can’t get enough of it.

This Garbanero Sauce. I eat it on everything, but mostly my morning egg whites/avocado. Garlic, Habanero, Sweet Red Pepper, and Lime Juice.

Spring cleaning. It feels great to get rid of “stuff” and clean the crap out of my house. Callie has been helping me with the laundry this week. wpid-20140407_095401.jpg This warm weather. I mean, how awesome has it been the last 2 weeks? I’m loving it so much. Looking forward to life slowing down just a little so I can spend down time in the great outdoors with bare feet.

How I've been feeling in the sunshine this week..... (photo credit: TheBerry.com)

How I’ve been feeling in the sunshine this week….. (photo credit: http://www.TheBerry.com)

Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Tinted Lip BalmAddicted!

The Mindy Project.” Mindy Kaling is such a smart writer and is so hilarious. This show is great, and one of my faves. Her book is very funny, too. A great beach read, if you have any upcoming travels to the shore.

“Stuck in Love.” I found this gem on Netflix, and I’ve seen it probably 10 times in the last 6 months. Great cast, great soundtrack, great story. I love it so! Makes me want to be a writer.

Sleeping later. I have been a morning person my entire life, even during summers when I was a kid. I like to wake with or before the sun. Lately I’ve enjoyed getting more sleep in the mornings. Maybe I’m getting older, or maybe I just need more sleep. Who knew that 8 hours of sleep really does make a difference…?

Liquid egg whites. I’ve never tried them before until this week. I usually eat at least one yolk with my eggs, and throw the others out. Wasteful! The liquid egg whites are easy and get rid of the guilt I feel when tossing the yolks I don’t want. Plus, I think the company that makes them uses the yolks for other processed foods/baking so they don’t go to waste. Pretty nifty.

Dreaming. Most of the time I have very intense dreams. For a while, it was all nightmares all the time. But lately I’ve had some pretty awesome dreams that I don’t want to wake up from. I used to keep a dream journal…. time to bring that back into my life.

My Bona MopMy house has dark hardwood floors throughout the first floor. I have 2 golden-colored dogs who constantly shed on said floors. First the dry mop, then my awesome Bona mop. It’s so easy to use and does such a great job. 3cfd318a30f0158a311b3fa2e366c963 Busy day for me today. Can you believe it’s already Thursday? Thursday is a great weekday. It’s almost my favorite of the weekdays! Maybe I should take a queue from Zoe and make Thursdays champagne Thursday. You in?

This week has flown by…..again. Hope you enjoy your day!

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