Wrapping up another week!

Another Friday is upon us! I have a fun weekend ahead and I’m really looking forward to unplugging and visiting with my family for a couple of days. Work has been great, but busy, this week, and I could use some time away from my laptop. Thought I’d end the week by sharing some random pics with you from my life here and there, over the last 7 days.


^^I paused for this pic for a paparazzo right after the finish line in Charleston! My left foot was killing me…. I haven’t mentioned to you guys that my foot has been injured since the race. I’ve been hobbling around and icing it since Saturday, and originally thought it actually started to hurt me after the run had ended. By the looks of some pictures of me during the race (example A  above), I can tell I was running on the inside of my foot and trying not to put weight on it. I’ll go to the doc next week if it is still bothering me. Ah well, it will heal….hopefully quickly. I have a fun twilight 5k coming up in a few weeks in Greenville! Woo hoo!


^^Callie wasn’t too thrilled to be at the vet for her annual exam Thursday morning. I think she thought she was going to be groomed, which she’s not too fond of. It’s the blow dryers that freak her out. Poor gal. Other than the vet suggesting she lose 3-5 pounds to get “bikini ready,” she’s the picture of health at the ripe old age of 6. I love this new vet in Charlotte. He even knocks on the door before he comes in to be considerate of the patient’s privacy….so presh. Cal’s the best! Love her!


^^The awesome people we stayed with in Charleston were such great hosts. The husband made us all the perfect “hangover breakfast” on the last morning there (even though I wasn’t hung over). I’ve been thinking of this meal all week long. It was a chicken waffle sandwich with egg whites and turkey bacon (the chicken wasn’t fried…it was rolled in maple syrup and bread crumbs and baked….to die for!). He even made those homemade chips on the side. It lasted me through breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sunday…so much food! Yum.


^^Little snugglekins Lily has been extra cute this week. I love it when she sleeps all wound up like a cat at the foot of my bed. Love her, too!


^^I’ve let pizza back into my life. Just look at those mushrooms. Oh, mushroom pizza. Why are you so bad for me?


^^Okay, I didn’t take this picture. My yoga studio posted it on Facebook, and I loved it so much. It can be hard to be honest with people, especially if you don’t want to hurt someone or know that what you say might “change everything.” I’ve been trying to be better about speaking up and saying what I feel, even about the little things in life, and especially about the big things that I often try to sweep under the rug. …….just trying to be more authentically me.

And on that note, I bid you adieu. Thanks for stopping by.

Make today a great day! 



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