Monday, Monday

Van Gogh I am not.

After a whirlwind weekend, I am happy to see another Monday, but could definitely use just one more day off. I spent probably a total of 6 waking hours at home this weekend, and many of those hours were spent outside with the dogs, letting them run it out at the dog park in my neighborhood. I always feel super guilty when I have to leave them alone inside for more than 4 hours at a time.

Yesterday afternoon was spent at a wine & paint place with some coworkers and friends. One of my coworkers was hosting the event in connection with an effort to raise $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She is an incredible person, and I was happy to support the cause, and also enjoy a fun experience. I’ve never painted before, and know that my little ode to the SC state flag is nothing to write home about. But hey — it was my first time ever painting anything other than a wall. Not too shabby, I guess. (PS: If it strikes your fancy, even the smallest donation to the cause would be appreciated! We all know someone who has been affected by cancer.)

Pretty much sums up my reasoning lately.

Pretty much sums up my reasoning lately.

True to form, I took about 10 minutes this morning and made a list of everything I want to accomplish. Typically, I do this on Mondays for a week at a time. Today I was feeling tired and overwhelmed with how much I want to get done physically, mentally, and around the house that I made a list just for today. Doable goals that I know I can attain if I stay on track and focus on what I want to get done today.

A few things from my list today:

  • Do not drink alcohol. (This was also the plan for this weekend, but social-event-peer-pressure got the best of me.)
  • Tackle the mound of laundry in the floor of my closet.
  • Take a 7:00 PM yoga class.
  • Drink 3 big bottles (1.5 L size) of water.
  • Walk the dogs to the dog park for some exercise and puppy socializing.
  • Make a new friend at the dog park.
  • Do some research about affordable bikes. (I want to start biking, do less running.)
  • Finish the day reading from my obsession: The Desire Map.

I left a few things off having to do with bills and are not as much fun as these tasks, which I actually look forward to doing later. Sometimes it’s necessary for me to hold myself accountable for doing active, fun things, on top of tedious daily tasks. So I write everything down and get a great feeling of accomplishment when I check off each task. It’s easy to get home and just check out on the comfy spot on the couch, pour a martini, and turn on the tube or open my laptop and geek out on the interwebs.

Lately, my to-do list has looked similar to this:


Not this week, my friends! Some days you really do just have to focus on breathing in and breathing out, putting one foot in front of the other. Today I feel grateful to be able to choose to be active, healthy, hydrated, happy. Moving forward, but with the right perspective…. Besides, we’re only supposed to be taking things a day at a time, right? Right.


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