Grateful Thursday

This message is brought to you from my couch and under the influence of several cold medicines. It never fails….for the last 3 years I’ve always caught a cold this exact time of the year. First week of May, after my Wrightsville Beach conference. Next year I will plan better and be prepared…. Airborne, more water/less alcohol, Aleve Sinus & Cold on standby, preventative measures all the way.

Some of the elements keeping me alive right now.....

Some of the elements keeping me alive right now…..

I have so much work to do today, and have been balancing a lot in my personal life that needed to be wrapped up today, so being sick at this moment is the worst possible timing. Ah well, what can you do? Well, I decided to buy some natural remedies (as referenced above), as well as some over-the-counter cold medicines, and think that I accidentally created a version of Sizzurp that even Justin Beiber would be proud to take a hit of. I’m feeling bad, but oh-so-good!

Get to work, Lily!

Get to work, Lily!

I’ve loved being back in the office day-to-day, but I’m working from home today and realize how I’ve kind of missed being able to rock yoga pants and my Bluth’s frozen banana t-shirt while I get my doings done. Of course, the pups are happy that I’m home all day with them, too. By the way, Lily wasn’t very helpful with that stack of files I’ve been working through. She’s still cute.

I read once that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. I love this so much. All week I’ve tried to see past the stresses of life and tried to focus on things, people, moments in my life that bring me love, peace, friendship, happiness. Today I’m feeling very grateful for so many things….. especially all of this cold medicine.




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