Home sweet home

Oh, hello, massive flask. I do not think you will fit into my purse.

I had a super fun Saturday downtown today. Greenville has a great Saturday market, and the weather was perfectly overcast and not too hot to support spending down time outside today.


Naturally, I bought some shiitake mushrooms from this guy. I felt like I was meeting a local celeb! I’ve wanted to visit Mushroom Mountain for as long as I can remember….looks like a trip is finally around the corner! (PS The shrooms are delicious…I’ve already eaten a handful of them. Addicting!)


Greenville really is a beautiful town. We got to the market around 9:00, and it was already very packed. I love the tree-lined streets and the local vendors who come out to share their goods! After walking around all morning and sampling so many tasty things, I decided to venture back out and enjoy Artisphere, which is happening this weekend. I saw several familiar faces, and felt grateful to be able to catch up and share hugs with good friends.

I’m actually headed back out shortly for dinner with friends at another one of my favorite downtown spots. Feels great to be home-sweet-home.


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