My Pretty Uneventful Week…in Pictures

Loving this weather oh so much! To grandmother's house I was going...

^^Me and my lovey

^^Me and my boo

One of the best chicken salads I think I've ever made.... so I ate it 3 times this week.

^^One of the best chicken salads I think I’ve ever made…. so I ate it 3 times this week.


^^Whilst shopping with my grandmother this week, I stumbled upon a pair of actual, real-life acid washed jeans for sale. Are these really trying to make a comeback?


^^Callie is 6, and she’s never learned how to open a door. Actually, I think she’s just so well-mannered and behaved that she fully understands her doggie boundaries.


^^Lily, on the other hand, has no boundaries. This is her assisting Callie in opening the door. Hilarious and adorable.

wpid-20140515_202214.jpg^^Me and my girls watching “Girls” (what else is there?). Oh, Elijah. Two pumps still counts? Also, I think I’m the only person I know who watches and loves “Girls.” I have no one to discuss Hannah’s green bikini with that I am just still not over and don’t know how to react to. Is anybody out there feeling me?


^^Hey! Here’s me back in my yoga studio this morning at 5:00 AM! I am SO SO SO happy to be back. I love this studio so much and the community of people I practice with and teach. I feel very grateful every time I step into this room!


^^A snap of my grandparents’ stunning rose bushes. My Pop works so hard to keep his yard immaculate! Their back porch and yard has always been a place where I feel at home, relaxed, playful, and in awe of their perfect plants and landscaping! Since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved their Japanese maples. My fave! Pop — you’re the best!


^^A beautiful old home with a ton of history and stories. I got to spend a lot of time there tonight, and loved walking through the old hallways and rooms, pretending I lived in a fancy pre-war Southern estate.

The weekend’s off to a great start! Feeling grateful for so many people in my life, and also very grateful to finally be home in my oversized pajama pants, soft tee, and fuzzy socks. Ready to get some rest, wake up to a fresh day, and live it up again tomorrow! xo



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