29, Feeling Fine

Hello from the Starbucks drive-through...getting my free birthday drink!

Yesterday was my birthday! I typically don’t like to make a big deal about my birthday…. I mean, what’s the huge deal anyway? This Spring has been a little rough, so it was nice of my friends and family to make the day special for me.

wpid-20140530_085751.jpg^^ My coworkers decked out my work space, glitter included.



^^ My best friend arranged several BEAUTIFUL flower arrangements and surprised me at dinner with friends with the arrangements dramatically displayed in the center of the table. She is so talented, and I’m a sucker for fresh flower arrangements!



^^ Lily has been pretty destructive this week. As you can see, she always has a great time tearing the place apart. For my birthday she chewed up a medium-sized cardboard box, redecorated by moving all the area rugs around, took all 12 pillows off of the couch, and whittled down a window-sill to make it look like termites snuck in for a little snack.

It’s been overcast and thundery the last couple of days, which has been so nice. I love a good thunderstorm, especially in warm weather… always lends to self reflection and very calming for me. Turning 29….the last year in my twenties….feels good! I’m happy to age, grow wiser, learn about people, the world, what I want, how I feel, about my SELF. I’ve come to accept that every day that I wake up is a good day. We grow, we change, we expand…. hopefully! Here’s to another year!




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