I think it’s safe to say that today has been a win. It’s only 5:15, and it’s been a full, fantastic day.

The gals and I woke up slow, then I headed out to teach an 8:00 AM yoga class. It was a great class, full of faces I love to see show up on their mats.

After yoga, I headed downtown to Greenville’s Saturday Market to jaunt around downtown, grab an iced coffee, and buy a few fresh veggies for the week. The weather was so nice that I decided to run home to grab the dogs and spend the afternoon at our spot in Falls Park. Highlight of the morning: this delicious fresh juice from a growing local company, which I will frequent again soon!


I packed a little picnic for myself, some snacks for the girls, and then we lounged around for a couple of hours in the shade. I even made a new friend on the picnic blanket next to me. It was a lovely afternoon.





Even though we walked around a lot, I still had a ton of energy left to burn. Running and I have been on the skids lately… so I’m moving on to biking! I bought a bike a few weeks ago, and FINALLY got to take it out for a ride.


After a great ride, I came home to find “Blast From the Past” on Encore, which is currently providing fantastic background entertainment. Ohhh an oldie but goodie. Amirite? Christopher Walken can do no wrong.

My weekend is off to a great start! Hope your is, too!


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