First Stars I See Tonight

Father’s Day was always a hard day for me growing up. I never really knew my dad. I am very lucky to have the BEST grandfather in the universe, who has always loved me unconditionally, taught me things, supported me, listened to me, and is one of my biggest fans (he even reads this blog daily!). Yes, my heart was broken for a long time, not knowing my own father. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to cherish my grandfather every single day, and feel so grateful to have someone in my life who loves me like his own, even though I’m not.


This true short story is so well-made, and beautifully executed. It’s based on a letter a real girl wrote, and artists, actors, and musicians collaborated and created it. When I saw this for the first time I watched it about 8 times in a row, tears welling up every time. Love can be so powerful. Even the simplest acts of thoughtfulness and kindness can change a child’s world.

Thanks to all the men out there who love the kids in their life, even if they’re not your own. And to my Pop today — I know I tell you every day, but I can never say it too much…….. I LOVE YOU! Thank you for loving me every single day for the last 29 years. You mean the world to me.


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