NYC – Part Deux

Beautiful sunset on the flight home!


One of my favorite afternoons in NYC was spent in Central Park. The weather was so perfect! And I just wanted to be outside and drink in as much of the city as I could.

wpid-20140606_162028.jpg^^I rented a bike and rode around the park. I couldn’t resist snapping a selfie of me on the bike!


^^Halfway through my bike ride, I spotted Sheep’s Meadow, rolled my bike into an open spot, and took a little siesta.


^^Kate and I did a lot of yoga while I was in town. There were some great studios, but this one was my favorite.


^^I ate some INCREDIBLE food! This was the BEST ramen I’ve ever eaten in my life. Oh, I wish I could eat this again right now.


^^We spent most of Saturday in Brooklyn. Lots of great food and fun shopping at Brooklyn flea.


^^We walked across the Brooklyn bridge at sunset. It was amazing! So beautiful, and great views of Manhattan and the water.


^^Little Italy was awesome! I stopped for gelato and took my time walking around and checking everything out. And I saw some beautiful random graffiti! Little Italy runs into Chinatown….which I hated and immediately evacuated using the first Subway entrance I could find.


^^Monday was rainy, so I decided to check out the Met! It was so amazing! I saw some incredible art. If you ever visit the Met, I definitely recommend paying the $7 for the headphones/iPod guide. I learned so much!


^^The Egyptian artifacts were crazy. Ancient and amazing.


^^One of my favorites from the Met. This took my breath away! It was even more beautiful up close…so amazing.


^^I only ate pizza twice the whole trip. Considering I love pizza more than any food in the world, it’s crazy that I only ate 3 slices in 5 days! Eating this slice in Brooklyn was the last thing I did before I grabbed a cab back to the airport. So. Effing. Good.


^^My flight was delayed twice Monday night, so I hung out for a little while at LaGuardia, which was actually really nice. I was still on a NYC high, and wanted to take in as much of New York as I could. That meant ingesting a cold NY brew and The New Yorker.

I have probably about 300 more pictures I could share, but suffice to say I had such an incredible time. I could definitely live in NYC, and can’t wait to go back again soon!


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