Ticket to Ride

Hello again from my bike!

When I went to bed last night, it was still a little light out. What I didn’t realize is that it was the first day of summer/the longest day of the year. Still, 9:30 on a Saturday night….pretty lame. I was tired! I had plans to wake up and bike to yoga, but slept through the start of class…again. Guess I haven’t gotten enough rest in the last week! I needed it.

I woke up slow, then decided to spend the morning on the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It’s been pretty hot the last couple of weeks, but the Swamp Rabbit Trail is shady and so nice. I couldn’t even tell that it was 90 degrees!


I live a little ways out from the park, on a busy street with crappy sidewalks. So I hitched my bike rack onto my car, loaded up, and headed to Cleveland Park to get onto the trail.


The trail is so flat and wide, and I rode 13.4 miles from Cleveland Park all the way to my grandparents’ house in Travelers Rest!


TR has really come a long way since I lived there growing up. The SR Trail has really made the downtown area of TR grow and become very charming and eclectic.


Here is a blurry/sweaty/make-up free pic of me and my grandmother while she was finishing up lunch. She’s the sweetest! Every time we take a selfie, she says it’s her first selfie. I love it.


After lunch with my grandparents, I let my Pop drive me and my bike back to the trail. Their road is very hilly and is lacking shoulders for about a mile. Not the safest. Plus, after an unexpected 13.4 mile ride, I was a little tired. I paused at Furman on the way to their house and on the way back. I love Swan Lake, and appreciated a little water break under a shade tree.


Since moving back to Greenville, I think I’ve been to Falls Park nearly every weekend (except the rainy ones)! It’s just so beautiful, and very walkable. I was there yesterday afternoon with a friend, too!


The Swamp Rabbit is pretty long, and all in all I ended up riding a little over 30 miles! Suffice to say that I am exhausted and already showered, in comfy clothes, sipping a cold beer on my couch. It’s been another lovely Sunday, and I’m feeling happy and grateful for days like these.



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