You’re not the only one.

Oh, this week. June has really flown by. I’ve stayed busy this month, and could really use a couple of days on a deserted beach – hammock, cold cocktail, stack of books, tall-dark-and-handsome-man to fan me with a large banana leaf and feed me grapes… or pizza. I can’t be alone in this fantasy, right?

So one of my favorite authors posted on her blog this morning to write something today – anything. So here I am. 2014 has proven itself to definitely be a year of change and transition. I’ve learned a lot about myself in these last 6 months, and can honestly say that I am feeling happy, balanced, busy, grateful, moving toward fulfillment in my life, which has been lacking these last few years. Life can be a real bitch sometimes. But keeping a positive perspective and holding my chin up has helped me to grow, move forward, change — in many good, and sometimes painful ways.

Sometimes we make mistakes that end up shaving away layers, revealing our true selves. I’ve learned some important, hard lessons. Some much easier said than done. Here are a few thoughts floating in my brain today that have helped me along my journey these last 6 months.

–          Always be honest. With yourself, with those around you. Even when you think there is no way you can say how you feel without breaking hearts, hurting feelings, changing things. Say it anyway.

–          Know that people come into and out of your life for a purpose. Each person we meet, know, love, kiss, fight with – they shape us.

–          You are responsible for you. You cannot fix people, and vice versa.

–          Be careful who you share your heart with, your dreams with, your worries with. Even the most well-meaning friends can damage your mindset and get you off of your right path. Listen to your confidants, friends, family, but ultimately listen to your heart, your intuition. This is your life, not anyone else’s.

–          It’s okay to not be okay. At least for a while. Then we eventually have to pick ourselves up out of the gutter and move forward. But a bad day every now and again is totally normal. Or even a bad week. Or month. The important thing is to embrace those dark times, feel what you feel, play some Adele, and then decide to be happy again.

–          Friends are invaluable. Listen, I’m a pretty independent gal. I don’t like to be around people all of the time. But without good friends in my life, I would be lacking so much joy and laughter. I’ve had to learn to be vulnerable, open up to people, and actually keep plans, rather than saying, “Oh, we should totally get together sometime.” Get together. Create connections.

–          Love yourself. Enough said.

–          When you feel so wrapped up in the drama of your life, take time to focus on others. Whether it be volunteering, calling a long lost friend just to say hi, riding your bike an extra few miles to spend time with your grandparents, sitting down to talk with your kids about what’s happening with them…. Sometimes it’s good to just step away from you and remember that we are not alone in this world – not in what we are feeling, thinking, going through. You’re not the only one.

–          You’re not the only one. That is worth saying back-to-back. I’m totally obsessed with JGL’s “Hit Record on TV.” When I saw this segment, and heard the words to this song, my eyes welled with tears, and I had an “of course!” moment….. We are not alone in this world. You’re not the only one who has had their heart broken, ended a relationship, lost a loved one, made a bad life choice, lost their job, fought with their family, gone through depression, has been diagnosed with an illness. The world can be a big, lonely, scary place. But just know – you’re not the only one.

–          Days pass and life goes on. It really does. John Lennon once said, “Time wounds all heals.” Which I love, and really only half agree with. Mostly I belive that time does help to heal our hearts and minds, and in time everything will be okay.

–          EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even next month. But everything always works itself out in time.


So I guess I should say…. to channel one of my favorite dialogues and sentiments in history…that I may not know you, may never meet you, may never actually talk with you….but I’m here for you and I love you. Today I’m sending anyone out there who is going through something hard in their life (because aren’t we all at some level?) lots of my deepest love, support, light, hope, friendship, encouragement, understanding, well-wishes, happiest of thoughts. Keep moving forward, my friend. The world turns, things will always get better.



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