Hibernation Time

I’m not much of a “going out” kind of person. Lately, I’ve had plans pretty much every night, many of them ending up downtown with friends and cocktails. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out on occasion… just not this much. I’m ready to hibernate for the next month, staying in my pajamas and on my couch.


Last night I had fun with my girlfriends, but it made me realize so much that bars are just not my scene. I cannot even tell you how much I am looking forward to making tea and going to bed at 9:30 tonight. It’s just a different lifestyle, going out so much. Definitely not my style.


I had big dreams of productivity this morning, but after getting in the bed at 2:00 AM last night, I’m throwing it all into the wind, starting with watching the second half of “Silver Linings Playbook” (love love love love), eating a big brunch, dog parking it with the ChuckIt, and straightening my hair. Exciting Saturday day plans, right? Ones that do not involve drunk texting.


Later I’m volunteering at the Thomas Creek 16th anniversary party. Thomas Creek is a local brewery with delish beer, but they also do a lot for the community. Should be fun! And will likely end with me sipping a fresh, local beer or 2 with friends. Cheers to another weekend! But know that while I’m out all day, in the back of my mind I will be picturing my comfy pants, which are currently folded on my bed….ready for me to jump into them and start my hibernation.



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