Thoughts from my Wednesday

After writing this post, I’m thinking it would be better as a diary entry. What the hell; I already wrote it and you’re already reading it. Want to hear what happened with my day today?

My day began with thinking I had slept through my yoga class — one of my greatest fears as an early-morning teacher! I had a super vivid dream that one of my regular students was trying to figure out how to teach everyone. Lily jumped into bed with me the last few minutes before my alarm went off to snuggle up to me and make me feel better.

I had a great moment in class, watching my students work hard and sweat it out, when my favorite song by “The Shins” started to play. It totally felt like a Wes Anderson movie, and solidified my love of teaching yoga that much more. (PS I’m all about playing good background music in yoga — it can make or break the energy of a class.)

Mid-morning I (only half-seriously) offered to give a coworker a tracheotomy with a pen and straw, when we thought she might be going into anaphylactic shock or have excess inflammation from Lyme disease. (We’re pretty sure it’s the early stages of Lyme disease — blood tests pending.) Thankfully, I didn’t have to take any drastic measures. It would have been a cool story, though, to save a life in my office.

Iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts has been my fuel lately. I don’t eat donuts, but I got hooked on their coffee a couple of weeks ago by a friend. An occasional, cheap treat and definite necessity today.
A big part of my job involves interviewing physicians from all over the US over the phone. Today I connected with a physician who opened up to me about his 30-year-old daughter who is dying from cancer. It was a really sad, raw, unexpected conversation, and put my day and my job into serious perspective.

I ate some snacks that took me forever to get through, including pistachios and edamame with sea salt. I felt like I was eating for a long time, but it was smaller portions. Mind games!

While maneuvering through a stack of work, I decided to mix up my normal playlists and hit up the “Urban” station on Spotify. I somehow landed on “Hip Hop Francais”. I had no clue what they were saying (I think I heard “croissant” once or twice?), but it was so chill and helped me stay focused on my work.

I TALKED TO MY BROTHER! Hands down, best part of my day. I’ve missed hearing his voice, and it was great to laugh with him and catch up for a few minutes. I really needed that today.

Earlier I’d made plans that ended up being cancelled….. It was actually a nice treat to have a free night to chill out at home. I am only 2 episodes into Season 2 of “Orange is the New Black,” and it’s been calling my name all day. Netflix it is!

I hope you had some extra-ordinary moments today, among the normality of your Wednesday. Here’s to hump day, short weeks, extraordinary moments in the midst of the ordinary.




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