“Hello running, my old friend.”

“Hello darkness, my old friend” came on my iPod during a run with the dogs tonight. I realize some may think this is not the best running song, but I love it…and it really builds in the version from one of my faves…“The Watchmen”. This promptly changed in my head to, “Hello running, my old friend.” Because I’m cheesy. And because I haven’t run in so long and I felt like the darkness was taking over……like I could keel over at any time and black out on the sidewalk. I could be dramatizing it just a bit. But seriously, it was hard.

In lieu of staying for the class after mine at the yoga studio tonight, I decided to get the pups out for said run. I just kind of felt like stretching my legs a bit. Of course, I just paid to get the dogs groomed, and it’s been raining on and off the last few days. It started to sprinkle, so we sprinted on and off for about a mile around the ‘hood, with Cal bringing up the rear and Lily leading the pack, just like the old days.


Here are the girls, freshly groomed. Presh in their matching bandanas, right?

Anyway, it felt great to go for a run. First time in a month or so. My love-hate relationship with running continues.

Meanwhile, I’m totally going Olivia Pope tonight with red wine and popcorn. And maybe even sitting for an hour on my couch like she does, just thinking. Less about B-613 and an affair with the president and more about what color I should paint my toenails and what time I should tuck into bed tonight. Yay for Fridays in!






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