“Tonight a comedian died in New York.”

So, a real-life little-known fact about me: I’m a little nerdy. In a lot of different ways. And I love, love, love graphic novels (as well as the movies made from said graphic novels). Example A: “The Watchmen.”

comedian 5

It’s strange. i loved this movie when I saw it in the theater, but it seemed very “Blockbuster” to me at the time (it could have been the coincidental opening of Greenville’s first Chipotle and a lot of beer, too. I digress.) When this movie came out on DVD, I immediately purchased it on blu-ray, but honestly I’m now only drawn to watching it when I’m feeling broody and overcome by angst of some sort. Not sure what that may mean. Therapists, have at it.

It’s just such a well-done film. Overall. Beautifully written, filmed, executed. The soundtrack is so great, and the cast is utterly fantastic. Oh, the owl. When he showed up on Girls……kill me now. I was all… “whaaaaat is happening with ping pong and ‘The Owl’ right now?” hello, Patrick Wilson and your big nerdy glasses. Just too much.

patrick wilson, my life

My favorite character of the whole movie is Dr. Manhattan. He’s so misunderstood, but equally kind, strong, all-knowing, imperfect.


Everytime I watch this movie I get something different out of it. It was shot so beautifully, and the detail, the voiceovers, the rain, the music. It literally gives me chills every time.

watchmenThis week sucked the air out of me. It’s been nice to have a night of red wine, dog park, long movies in my living room with fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, wine, and Billy Crudup.



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