Hello, weekend? Are you there?

For such a long and busy week, I still can’t wrap myself around the fact that it’s already Thursday. And that I still have another busy workday tomorrow to go through until my weekend can start. It’s so close I can taste it……….

Work has been insanely busy this week, and tonight is really the first time I’ve allowed myself a free night in my comfies on my couch. Granted, I worked until 7:45, but alas…. the rest of the night is dedicated to this perfect combination of pistachios, popcorn, and season 4 of Sex and the City (probably my fave season of the series).


Carrie’s kind of a hot mess in this season (“Oh my god, she’s fashion road kill!”; Aiden, Big leaving for SF), and it’s a season of transition for all of the girls, really. I am totally relating right now.

I bought all of the seasons of SATC from the mall 10+ years ago, one at a time as they were released. They’re not HD, the cases are broken, and they’re consistently my go-to for an alone-time-girls-night-in. It’s funny how I have related to different parts of each of the characters’ lives over the years.

Anyway, so that’s my evening. Also, it’s National Tequila Day! Well, according to several reliable news sources online. So I had some of the tequila a friend bought me on my birthday a few months ago. Yum! SATC and tequila… perfection.

Many a time this week I’ve felt like this…….

…..so it feels great to be chillin’ with the dogs and vegging out with my longtime onscreen girlfriends and their minidramas.



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