Just a few things I’m loving lately

Why hello there! I’ve had a lot of grateful and happy thoughts floating around in my brain all day about just a few things that I am in love with lately…thought I’d share.

  • Weekends. If you can’t tell, I’ve kind of been living for them lately. Not the best way to live, I suppose, but it is what it is for now.
  • In a steamy yoga class when it get so humid my fingers get wrinkly.
  • My friends. I have so many wonderful friends.
  • Lavender Aveeno body wash….. it makes me never want to get out of the shower. Also great for bubble baths!
  • Malbecs.
  • Summer wavy hair. I’ve been leaving the house these days with half wet, half dry hair. Easy breezy.
  • Long days downtown.
  • Beards.
  • Bikram. I teach a similar series, but have been doing flow for the last year. Seems like when it got hotter, my body naturally started to crave those familiar 26 postures and the 105 degree room.
  • This album….. can’t get enough. I’ve loved hearing him over the years with Gorillaz and Blur. I heard about this album on NPR and never looked back.
  • The notion of timing. Sometimes things are all about timing.
  • Gyros. I had a great one this week unexpectedly.
  • Long walks with the puppies.
  • Brunch. I wish I could have brunch every day, rather than breakfast and lunch. Plus, there’s always the prospect of bloody marys…..yum.
  • My body. As I’ve aged, I’ve definitely gotten more confident in myself and loved myself more. Very important things.
  • Naps. I took the most delicious nap today. It was the perfect mid-Saturday activity.
  • Billie Holiday.
  • My apartment. It’s small and modest and temporary, but it’s my own space.
  • Ice water. Normally I’m a room temperature gal. But perhaps all the hot yoga has inspired all the iced water.
  • Dresses. All day every day.

It’s been a great summer. So many things, people, activities that have made me happy, helped me grow, heal, learn, and appreciate my life. Sometimes it’s these little things that float around in my head and make me aware of how great life is…even if the story isn’t always an easy one.


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