Oh, the humidity of it all!

We got sooo much rain in the Upstate last night! Apparently, there was record-setting flooding in downtown Greenville. I happened to be out in the monsoon-like rain. Luckily, I’d already planned to cabby it home, and didn’t have to worry about driving in it. Yuck.

I’ve taught a lot of yoga this weekend, and while it’s really nice to practice hot yoga on a rainy day, this also means that the summer-rain-induced humidity rears its ugly head in the hot yoga studio. My class started at 4:00 today, and the humidity got up to 62%! (Normally we keep it at 45% humidity, to keep the air moist and generate a nice sweat.)

True to my Risk Manager self, I stayed on top of fresh air movement so people could breathe (kind of important, I guess), and also kept putting towels down over all the sweat puddles so no one would slip and fall if they stepped off of their mat. Seriously, I’ve never taught a sweatier class in my life.

After class, it was time for mopping duties, as per my usual routine. I got halfway through mopping the room and was talking to a guy who was still on his mat, not ready to get up quite yet. When I was getting closer to mopping his area of the room, he rolled up his mat and towel and proceeded to drip quite literally a half gallon of sweat aaaaaalllllllllll the way across the half of the room I’d already mopped. It was very gross, and I know he didn’t mean to. But it totally made me think of this scene from “A Little Princess” when Sarah is mopping that long hallway and the mean girl walks down the freshly-mopped floors just to be a bitch.


I was pissed that I had to re-mop the entire studio, but was excited to remember “A Little Princess”. Why in God’s name I was obsessed with such a sad movie as a child is beyond me. Maybe I related to Sarah and her love for her dad. Regardless, I came straight home and ordered it for $6 on Amazon so I can watch it this week and have a little cryfest. It’s been years since I’ve seen it. Such a heartwearming movie!! Love.

Snow window 2In other news, I remembered that I have streaming video on Amazon Prime, and have totally been geeking out late at night on great TV that I totally forgot was available to me for free. Score! It’s not even 8:00 yet, and I’m in my pajamas, in bed with my laptop and dogs, ready for some binge watching to end my weekend. Winning!




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